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FOX News
Apr 4, 2010 7:00am EDT
, pepsi, and what stunned me, toyota. >> i don't understand that. >> the toyota one i don't understand 'cause my daughter is very intelligent, but doesn't recognize toyota at all. i don't know where at that came from. >> i don't know that either, but this is from-- by the way the university of madison and university of michigan, researchers got together and tested three year olds to see about their brand awareness and it's interesting because they say it's not all-- it would worry us, oh, no, our children have been invaded by big corporations and able to identify brands and gotten a hold of their brains and brain washing them. the researchers have a different take and think it's good news somehow? >> it does happen earlier than three, my two-year-old was never going to mcdonald's, but every time we'd drive by the arches he says in the back seat, mcdonald's, i don't know why, he'd never been there. my four-year-old walked through the mall and said hey, let's go to barnes & noble. how did you know it was barnes & noble? it was the logo. >> i'm down the street on a road trip an
FOX News
Apr 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
. officials fear many more may be buried beneath the mud. >> toyota could get hit with another major fine. an investigation found two step or defect recalled pedals. the problem for toyota the first recall addressed only one of the problems. toyota has been fined more than 14 million dollars . an estimated u.s. kids have adhd . probably half will grow it more and more parents have it. less than a quarter of adults about it. our doctor is here to talk about the stories. >> thank you. >> what going on here. adults overdiagnosed with adhd, is there a rise in this in >> i don't think there is a rise but the concern that children end up becoming adults with adhd . there is a lot of symptoms that come with this. they have restlessness. patience and sounds like my co-host dave brik . a lot of people can say that about themselves. propensity to say you have adhd. >> you can . that is a concern. a let of times over diagnosed and overtreated. there is a spectrum of personality. they are mild and you would never know and they are successful professionals out there who may have symptoms of adhd . sometim
FOX News
Apr 17, 2010 7:00am EDT
they would hold another hearing in may over possible electronic problems in run away toyotas. remember the automaker recalled million vehicles world wide. they can't catch a break. clayton? >> check it out. brigs. the skydiver climbing out of the glider, hanging from the other glider. >> essentially . then he makes his way to the wing and then he hangs with nothing atakes and jumps on to the other play and then he gets under it and he flies over it so the man can hold on to the wing. he is holding two gliders and then he parachutes and goes and gets coffee. >> one question, why in >> that is his job. >> he doesn't and you why you do this job in >> and mine is often risky. >> don't try this at home. talking ports and more allegations surfacing against ben roethlisberger. this guy has issues. the story in the atlanta general constitution. a woman claims that roethlisberger tried to force himself on her. the report said the woman was not hurt. she was encouraged by her father not to press charges. prosecutors in georgia decided not to press charges with another incident with ano
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3